Who we are

Every place has the potential to be extraordinary. At MCAU we turn the ordinary into extraordinary. We see potential that others miss and then we find a way to deliver that potential.

A Fresh Perspective. In a design world where ‘sameness’ and mediocrity are everywhere MCAU is distinctive.

We are an innovative team of designers and consultants whose purpose is to unlock the full potential of any design challenge presented to us.

From Place and Concept Visioning, through Masterplanning and Scheme Design to Scheme Execution – we innovate.

We see the value of heritage everywhere and seek to safeguard and refresh our best assets.

Throughout we put community first.

It is people that make successful buildings and places, and we work with the community – we put engagement central to everything we do.

We Value Our Business Heritage

MCAU was founded in 2016 by David Skidmore with the goal and aspiration to make a positive difference in the built environment and to deliver new, sustainable urbanism.

In 2023 MCAU combined with Fourth Street, Loop Systems and Paper Films.

This gives MCAU a unique service offer – integrating Place and Concept Visioning and Community Engagement fully into our design business. Paper Films brings our work to life – they help us express our vision and communicate better.

Through our people-first design approach we focus on creating a sustainable future for everybody and delivering places that encourage community.

In so doing many of our projects have received significant recognition and awards for the outcomes they have delivered. 

Our Team

We live our aspiration and vision.

Bringing complementary skills and individual areas of passion our people ensure MCAU is both inspiring and thoughtful.

We blend skills and experiences that ensure our designs respond to the needs of all stakeholders.

Yet, our work is always grounded in a commercial awareness and full understanding of our clients’ expectations through the entire life cycle, from vision through design to technical implementation.


MCAU is a Place Capital Group Company