What we do

People first approach improving life chances

We love a challenge at MCAU and we genuinely believe we can create positive value for all in creating sustainable solutions and strategy for even the most complex, forgotten, unloved, and challenging situations.

We recognise our role in facilitating socially and environmentally sustainable cities. We continually seek to enhance and bring communities together where attitudes are moving towards cleaner, more energy efficient solutions, and where quality of life for our current and future generations is now a genuine consideration that we need to uphold. Our commitment to design excellence and genuine place-making underpins everything we do. Why? Because creating better places which encourage more active and healthy lifestyles can help to create community, and/or delivering a mixture of uses not only brings in people and creates jobs, but in turn improves the socio-economic, cultural status, and vibrancy of our towns and cities. Our strategic thinking responds to culture, society, and local and regional identity, because historic and social context plays a vital role in the whole design process. MCAU has a level of commercial understanding that differentiates us from many design consultancies, and we take pride in our ability to exceed client expectations that get them to their solution quicker.  Our knowledge of funding solutions in both the private and public sectors, and our understanding of partnership and Joint venture arrangements means we really can play our part in helping deliver viable development solutions.

Our approach

Design is a shared and collaborative process. At MCAU we encourage the bringing together and open exchange of a diverse range of ideas and opinions, whilst always listening to and articulating in the design solutions we create the requirements of our clients.

Our core values need to respond and react accordingly to engage with the ‘reactions and challenges’ that the growth of our modern cities and towns are presenting to us ALL.

As a result, MCAU’s commitment is to excellence in design focused on genuine place-making and an environmental and social sustainability, which underpins the following objectives that we always seek to address in every project that we work on:

  • We are committed to creating an architecture or development strategy that seeks to enhance the urban environment and ALL of our lives. 
  • We listen to understand our clients’ constraints and needs, to assist them in achieving their ultimate goals, and perhaps also coming up with added opportunity and potential not initially realised.
  • We collaborate and advise to ensure the project always exceeds client expectations.
  • We always want to create real places that people can enjoy, and which bring fulfilment into their lives to encourage health wellbeing and sustainability.
  • We are committed to exploring new ways in how we can build things.
  • We always strive to create the best environmental solution – considering the short, medium, and long term which we ALL have a responsibility to address.  
  • We recognise culture, heritage, society, local and regional identity as a basis for creating exciting design solutions.