Town Centre Regeneration

Many of our town centres are in a danger of losing their identity and prosperity through the combined impacts of industrial change, online shopping, out-of-town retailers, and the migration of large sections of the population towards bigger cities.

In addressing this challenge we need to avoid the race to mediocrity and the notion that any type of development is good and is accepted and presented as progress. If we want our towns and cities to be sustainable they must attract and retain people and businesses, and help communities to recover. There is a need to set down the framework for new residential and commercial business communities to establish themselves in the context of deliverable ambition.

As an example many high streets and shopping centre assets are facing decline and MCAU has the ability to evaluate and develop clever, creative and commercially viable solutions, which maximise the efficient use of space and ultimately increase value. Options include: face-lifting, wholesale centre remodelling, and the introduction of new components such as private rented, and affordable housing.

In this context MCAU fully understand the need for commerciality and viability, at the same time as articulating social awareness.


Modern City Challenges