Modern City Architecture & Urbanism

MCAU are committed to exploring the issues of urbanism today and the big challenges we all face



Setting The Agenda

We live in an uncertain and complex world where the global forces of change affect the daily lives of individuals and the places in which we live, work and relax. For some this creates vast opportunity and we continue to see our largest and most successful cities exerting a gravitational pull on people, resources, and investment. For others, the decline of; traditional industries, the quality of the environment, and an exodus of the brightest and the best, leaves them exposed and in a continuous cycle of decline. 

MCAU operate in both the Big City environment where constant evolvement and innovation is taking place, and also in those secondary locations that are seeing massive commercial and social upheaval. 

Major Cities

We always seek to be at the forefront of the latest ideas for change and new ways of thinking across all sectors that combine to make up our environment. In our urban areas that are constantly adapting and evolving, MCAU can bring and present new ideas on approach and delivery. We recognise that the changing face of residential living and an evolving approach and changes to retail, leisure, and our work environments that we are witnessing, brings with it great opportunity in the way in which we will live and manage our lives moving forward. 

Secondary Towns

We are facing significant changes as a result of the ever changing and pressures of larger modern city evolvement and their growth. This is effecting our second tier towns and urban environments in the shortage of quality housing being supplied and the decline of their commercial centres. MCAU see the positive opportunity in all of this for our towns and cities to evolve, adapt, and rethink their issues in a new way, bringing change for the better.


Modern City Challenges