Architecture & Urbanism

Silk Street Manchester

The Silk Street Manchester project reimagines affordable housing with a focus on sustainability, community, and a connection to the city’s rich industrial heritage. By transforming a brownfield site overlooking the Rochdale Canal, we are building more than just homes; we are weaving a tapestry of green living, social connection, and economic opportunity.

The project comprises 69 Low-Carbon Social Homes, incorporating a diverse mix of one, two, three, and four-bedroom apartments and houses meticulously designed to align with HAPPI principles, ensuring spaciousness and accessibility. These homes serve as Sustainability Champions, equipped with solar panels, green roofs, ground source heat pumps, and electric vehicle charging points, effectively curbing the environmental footprint and minimising energy costs for residents. In addition to fostering eco-friendly living, the development prioritises Building Community by providing dedicated communal spaces, including outdoor play areas and a shared rooftop garden, fostering a profound sense of belonging and encouraging meaningful connections among neighbours. Furthermore, the project pays homage to the region’s industrial heritage, intertwining elements of Newton Heath’s past within its design to establish a meaningful link between the new development and the historical roots of the community.