Town Centre

Mixed use

Nortons Liverpool

The Baltic Triangle is an area where old meets new; in culture, in business, and in leisure, where creative and digital businesses have grown up and have brought with it, an increasing residential population of new living ideas.

The desire for this scheme is for it to become a natural extension to the area, and to help continue its growth, and further the success story of this dynamic quarter of the City. The development of the site will bring forward the redevelopment of an unsightly empty brownfield site which was previously a scrap metal works.

Mixed use development does not work on every site, but in Liverpool and particularly in this location where there already exists a dynamism and cultural awareness and a capacity for urban living it anticipated that these proposals will be a positive addition to the area. Delivering a balanced and thriving mixed use development, where commercial and residential communities will support each other and establish themselves side by side, enhancing further the Baltic Triangle’s offer.

MCAU were key in recognising early the true potential of this site and defining the scope of opportunity that existed. The proposal submitted for planning includes for 650 residential units of differing types and tenures (build to rent, market sale, and co-living apartments), a 200 bed hotel, flexible commercial office spaces, independent commercial leisure and retail, including arts and gallery opportunities.

We believe that the space outside is just as important as the buildings themselves, and as such there is a significant amount of accessible, active, and ‘working’ public realm included. Active and working roofscapes are also proposed linked to the residential offer, bringing opportunity for community interaction and rooftop ‘urban agriculture’ that can partner into the expanding urban farming ideas that are being pursued within the surrounding area and to support a local circular food economy.