Place Visioning, Architecture & Urbanism, Community Engagement


Revitalising Halifax’s Community Hub for a Sustainable Future

The Lee Mount Estate Revitalisation project aims to fundamentally transform the Lee Mount estate in Halifax, addressing its existing challenges and enhancing its overall livability. The project’s primary objective is to cultivate a vibrant, cohesive community within the estate, fostering a sense of belonging and pride among its residents.

To achieve this goal, the project employs a multifaceted approach that begins with a comprehensive analysis of the estate’s existing infrastructure, housing stock, and demographic composition. This analysis serves as the foundation for understanding the specific needs and opportunities present within the community.

Central to the project’s methodology is active stakeholder engagement, involving residents, community groups, and local authorities from the outset. By soliciting input and feedback from these stakeholders, the project ensures that community voices are heard and incorporated into the design process, promoting a sense of ownership and investment in the outcomes.

Building upon this collaborative framework, the project team develops innovative design solutions tailored to the unique context of Lee Mount. These solutions prioritise sustainability, inclusivity, and resilience, aiming to improve housing quality, enhance green spaces, and create accessible community facilities.

One key aspect of the project is the development of new homes on infill sites, which expands housing options while preserving the estate’s character and identity. Additionally, place-shaping strategies are implemented to enhance streetscapes, introduce green infrastructure, and foster social interaction among residents.

Sustainability is a guiding principle throughout the project, with a focus on incorporating sustainable drainage systems, enhancing biodiversity, and utilising modern construction methods. By prioritising environmental stewardship, the project aims to create a resilient and ecologically responsible community.

The revitalisation efforts extend beyond physical infrastructure to encompass social and economic dimensions as well. By promoting active lifestyles, facilitating access to amenities, and fostering economic growth, the project seeks to improve the overall quality of life for Lee Mount residents.

With a total capital expenditure of £26.1 million, including £2 million allocated for place-shaping investment, the project aims to deliver tangible outcomes that positively impact the community. By revitalising Lee Mount, the project aspires to create a model community that serves as a beacon of sustainable urban development and inclusive growth.