Architecture & Urbanism

Cross Lane, Salford

The scheme sits on a brownfield site on the edge of Pendleton, Salford. Made up of a single parcel of land previously occupied by a now demolished public house ‘The Ship’, the brief called for a high quality development of low carbon homes, that has both a positive effect on the local environment and provides a better mix and type of housing offer to the area.

The proposed development consists of 19 1&2 bed apartments in a simple 3 storey block, all for Affordable rent.

Landscaped areas create informal amenity for residents and promote social interaction.

The block at 3 stories high takes reference from the neighbouring church and new build apts on Liverpool Street.

The cluster typology of the apt blocks creates a central stair and core with a smaller number of units served by each to promote more neighbourly relationships and interaction.

A carefully considered material palette and building form enable the block to sit comfortably within the established streetscene.