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Brow Bottom

Renewal and Community: Transforming Brow Bottom Estate

The Brow Bottom Estate in the Mixenden area of North Halifax presents a unique set of challenges and issues. The residential estate, consisting of 1950s semi-detached homes, suffers from common building defects such as drainage and damp issues. Additionally, the estate is geographically separated from the rest of North Halifax by severe topographic changes, leading to further drainage and damp problems. The estate is also located in a recognised local crime hotspot and lacks community facilities and integration with the surrounding areas. To address these issues, the design approach focuses on innovative redesign, sustainable drainage strategies, and promoting positive community interaction through low boundaries and well-designed public spaces.

The design approach for Brow Bottom Estate aims to capitalise on opportunities to improve the overall quality of life for residents. This includes addressing issues of crime and anti-social behaviour through increased density and mixed tenures. The plan also emphasises the establishment of streetscapes with on-plot driveways, dedicated bin storage, and planting/trees. Underused parking courtyards will be activated with new housing, and dedicated green infrastructure and shared public realm will be provided to enhance biodiversity and promote a healthy lifestyle. The design also focuses on improving connections to surrounding countryside, schools, and community facilities, as well as improving the aesthetic and character of the estate through thoughtful design and use of materials.

The Brow Bottom Masterplan includes various initiatives to transform the estate. Infill sites will be developed for new housing, including family housing and apartments, while vacant infill sites will be activated for amenity space. The plan also aims to provide diverse spaces for all generations and community members, with connections to green outdoor spaces. The tenure mix across the estate will be improved by offering a variety of housing options, including retrofit homes. Extensive public realm improvements are also planned to enhance the overall quality and attractiveness of the estate. The total capital expenditure for these initiatives is £26.1 million, with an additional £2 million allocated for place shaping investment.