Policy Funding

Policy for more innovative private and public funding partnerships is evolving. For over 30 years the policy response for the most vulnerable places and people has arguably been a story of political gesture. It has never been big enough or bold enough to make a difference to the issues of long-term structural decline.

MCAU understands the changing dynamic in development finance and recognises that funding is simply not available without significant conditions. New approaches are required to challenge the norms and provide an alternative that works in the real world environment.

The clever use of public funding and support in a commercial risk environment is essential as is political will and ‘next generation’ private sector partners. MCAU recognise that public funding will become used to fund widespread development and regeneration programmes addressing at source the issues that need to be addressed.

MCAU will help at all stages to smooth and speed up the process, by producing design and presentation material necessary to obtain funding.


Modern City Challenges