Modern City Architecture & Urbanism

The shortage of housing supply, across all tenures and age groups, and reducing qualities in the standards of living is a known issue and a challenge that we are all facing together.




MCAU was established to find ways to engage with this challenge by combining excellence in design and place-making, grounded within a clear understanding of development philosophy and investment experience. Imaginative and efficient ‘new build’ design solutions are required responding to the requirements of this new age where a shortage of housing supply has become a real challenge to us all. 

MCAU are completely experienced in delivering high and low density housing and the latest thinking in the Build to Rent, Later Living, Co-Living, and Student Accommodation sectors.

Seventy-five per cent of the houses required by 2050 are already built and the challenge is how they are adapted for life in the 21st century. Re-using and reviving existing legacy housing, commercial redundant office space, industrial, and heritage assets in smart, creative ways must also be part of the solution.


Modern City Challenges