Micklegate, York


A presentation was prepared by MCAU for the City of York Council to explore the viability and assess the design and access considerations of an exciting concept for the revitalization of Micklegate, York.

Bringing forward a new and comprehensive pedestrianisation and resurfacing scheme, including paving, seating, lighting, controlled car parking, will help increase activity and enhance the area’s identity.

The opportunity exists to invite people back into the area and take ownership of this part of the City Centre. In making greater interaction possible, the dynamic of the street can change in a really positive way.

This will help generate a new urban culture, in what can very quickly become one of the most popular places to visit within York’s bar walls. Pedestrian and cycle prioritisation of the road, bringing with it a new vernacular will help transform the area and prevent the economy of the street ‘tipping over’ into a place where the quality of commercial businesses starts to diminish.

Sector:  Heritage / Public Realm
Architect / Lead Consultant: MCAU
Client: City of York Council