Health and wellbeing

Environments that can cultivate community

MCAU understand that we need to encourage healthy lifestyles and cultivate a sense of community in all that we propose as a solution, be that in a housing development or in a commercial project.

If we can set out and articulate through the design and development process, the long term benefits of health and wellbeing to the end user and how this can bring added value into the residential or business communities that we create, then we will start to have an effect.

We will be playing our part in delivering opportunity for communities to establish themselves and for businesses to grow.

We put the pieces in place to give community the best opportunity to evolve through the drive of individuals, ownership of residents and occupiers and by high quality stewardship.

We work closely with our clients to deliver their needs in designing unique buildings and inclusive urban environments.

We understand completely the need for commerciality and the requirement for achieving viability, but at the same time we recognise the need for articulating a social and environmental awareness that can help deliver social legacy on our clients’ behalf.

This is where true value is created, and with that comes aspiration and demand, and commercial viability will follow.