At MCAU we recognise our role in facilitating socially and environmentally sustainable cities. We continually seek to enhance and bring communities together, where attitudes are moving towards cleaner, more energy efficient solutions. Our strategic thinking responds to culture, society, local and regional identity because historic and social context plays a vital role in the whole design process.  Our commitment to design excellence and genuine place-making underpins everything we do. Why? Because building better developments with a mixture of uses not only brings in people and creates jobs, but in turn improves the socio-economic and cultural status of our towns and cities.

With MCAU’s added commercial expertise, we take pride in our ability to exceed client expectations.  MCAU’s knowledge of funding solutions in the private and public sectors, and our understanding of partnerships, means we deliver viable mixed-use development.

Design is a shared process. At MCAU we encourage the bringing together of a diverse range of ideas and opinions, whilst listening to and understanding our clients’ requirements.

MCAU has established working relationships across the whole sector, including environmental consultancies, urban planners, structural and services engineers, landscape architects, interior designers, digital communication agencies, artists, community and commercial stakeholder groups.

At the start of every project we create an open exchange of ideas between all roles and disciplines, whilst providing the necessary leadership. This process is then carried on throughout the actual development and construction stages to include end-users, local authorities, governing bodies, specialists and contractors.